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How Often Should You Use a Face Mask for the Best Beauty Results

Face masks are a great beauty product that produces amazing results and can really enhance your bea...
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Easy to make low-carb hummus recipe

Anyone who is on a weight losing spree is always in search of a good recipe that would provide the ...
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Tips for Easing Your Time of the Month

Your menstrual cycle may be a fact of life but this does not make it any more fun. If you are l...
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Tips to Feel Comfortable Before Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Being nervous before entering into cosmetic surgery is part and parcel of having your first tr...
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Benefits of food on this #NationalNutritionweek

National Nutrition week   is a nutrition education and information week celebrated annually in Sep...
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Hearing Aids: Fiction Vs Fact

Hearing aids are one of the best solutions for people with hearing loss, however only 1 in 5 of tho...
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Reasons Why Xarelto Victims Should approach Lawsuits

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a blood thinner drug manufactured by Bayer AG and Janssen Pharmaceutica...
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7 Ways to Save Money on Your Cosmetics

Whether you’re the no-makeup look fan, the contour queen, or only use makeup out of necessity, we c...
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Autistic or Not!!

Autism spectrum disorders as they are now called,are characterised by early onset of a cluster of d...
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What Is a Nootropic Drug and What Are Its Benefits?

What exactly are nootropics? It is a query that arises in the minds of many individuals. To tell th...
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