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How to Stay on Diet When Eating Out at Restaurants

You eat healthy during the week, you didn't skip the aerobics classes and you already feel better, but the weekend is coming and you ar...
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All About Hepatitis

One of the most important organs of the human body is the Liver. A healthy liver performs a number crucial functions that help keep you fee...
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Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most exciting phase for a woman, as it embarks her journey towards woman-hood. The ultimate goal for every pregnancy, woul...
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Preventing and Managing Diabetes

From the ancient physicians Charaka And Sushruta first describing the implications of Diabetes Mellitus to India being tagged as the "...
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Your Oral Guide to Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes the anticipation of a new life and the upsurge of female  hormones required for the development of foetus .While th...
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