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How to Stay on Diet When Eating Out at Restaurants

You eat healthy during the week, you didn't skip the aerobics classes and you already feel better, but the weekend is coming and you are afraid that your diet will collapse. The weekend is the enemy of diets, primary because people go out in bars and restaurants and allow themselves a little more pleasure that the food and beverages bring.

How to Stay on Diet When Eating Out at Restaurants
Tips to Stay on Diet when Eating Out

If you want to have a healthy life and keep your line, you have to reconcile with the fact that you can't avoid the occasional eating in restaurants but you need to learn how to make the right choices from the menu to save the effects of your diet.


Don't starve when you are in a restaurant, but make smart food choices.

Experts offer a variety of tips, tricks and strategies to help people stay on track when greasy delicious food tempts you. Here are some of the most popular:

-Plan in advance what you'll order. Today many restaurants and bars have their own websites or facebook pages where they post their menu. So, before going out, see what's offered in the menu. That way you can make a choice before you get there.

-Do not go out of home hungry. About 30-60 minutes before you leave the house, eat small snack (e.g. half of a handful roasted almonds, banana, apple, bowl of soup or low calorie fruit yogurt). If you arrive at the restaurant hungry, there is a risk that you'll overeat.

-Order first. Do not wait for others to make their orders because you'll feel more tempted to join them and you'll purchase something more caloric. Order early to avoid influence from others.

-Start with water. While waiting for the meal to be delivered, drink at least one glass of water. Water will help you to fill your stomach and also reduces the number of calories intake.

-If you drink alcohol, choose wine. Cocktails and stinging alcohol contain many calories that will break your diet without even noticing. If you have already decided to drink alcohol, choose wine. The best choice is a white wine, because you can mix it with sparkling water. So you enter at least liquid calories.

-Don't starve. Many think that when they are on diet, they should only drink and skip the meal when they go out. It's a mistake. The hunger will make you feel depressed and will create frustration that can contribute for quickly quitting the diet. Moreover, the body needs food in order to burn calories.

-Pay attention to the way the food is prepared. Target the dishes that contain words such as roasted, grilled, boiled, cooked in steam, and skip the meals  with description like fried or breaded. There's a big difference between grilled chicken steak and breaded steak.

-Choose foods that are best fit for your diet plan. It is likely that the restaurant where you went to have a meal, don't serve food that matches with what is included in your diet. But you need to adjust to the conditions immediately. You'll never make a mistake if you order green salad , grilled chicken steak or mix of grilled vegetables. Also, a good choice is fish and rice with vegetables.

-Eat half from what you order. The other half, share it with your friends or ask to pack it for home. Ask for an extra plate and separate the meal immediately. So you won't be tempted to eat the whole.

-Eat slowly and enjoy the discussions. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite. Don't hold the fork in your hands all the time. That way you'll give enough time for the brain to realize how much food you ate.

-Skip the dessert. After the meal, put gum in your mouth or mint candy to satisfy the desire for something sweet. But if you can't resist and you still choose to purchase dessert, the best choice is fruit salad, without icing or chocolate icing.

-And remember, you don't have to adhere perfectly to your diet. One weekend enjoyment shouldn't make you give up the healthy eating. If you enjoyed a little more food, go to the extra class of aerobics or run in the park for an extra hour. It's important to have the desire to get back on track.

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