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Experts Guide to Reduce fat in 10 Days

Experts Guide to Reduce fat in 10 Days
Weight loss has become a multi-billion dollar business nowadays. It seems that every day a new product is emerging in the market to help us lose weight. However, most of the times they are very costly. Luckily, there are a lot of home remedies which can help us achieve our goal of getting rid of the excess fat in our body. We will discuss below about some important home remedies which will help us to reduce fat in just 10 days.


Develop a healthy habit of drinking a glass of water before each meal to reduce your hunger. Water helps to fill you up faster and therefore, you will consume less food. Whenever you feel like eating junk food, drink a glass of water. This will surely divert you from gaining those unwanted calories. Apart from this, keeping your body hydrated will also make it function like it is supposed to.

Green Tea

It has been proved that green tea causes the body to release unnecessary fat cells and burn calories. The property present in green tea which causes this fat loss is called catechins. Green tea is also used in cancer treatment, and is noted for an ideal drink for Type 2 diabetics. Drinking two to three cups daily, provides a situation where it is possible to shed inches, even pounds.


Drinking a few glasses of mint water every day can also help people lose extra weight. The water helps to hydrate the tissues and mint helps our digestive system. Mint motivates the digestion of unnecessary fat cells and helps in getting rid of its toxins. It has been proved that consuming a mint leaf is similar to chewing gum after your meal, and it eliminates your cravings for food.

Eat Frequent Meals

Try to devour smaller meals during the whole day because these mini meals will prevent you from eating surplus food, and also increase your metabolic rate and provide you with more energy, which in turn assist in the weight loss. The mini meals must be a proper balance of fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Make it certain that the meals don't constitute more than 300 calories per serving.

Replace White Foods

White flour carbohydrates have to potential to cause considerable gain in weight, particularly if it features among your daily diet. Try to replace the white food products such as white rice, sugar or breads which are made from white flour, with brown rice and whole grain breads.


Exercise does not mean only lifting weights, and there are various types of fun filled workouts like dancing, swimming or cycling which do not cause fatigue and boredom. You might include a walk before your meal and/or after your meal is over a brisk 10 minute walk thrice daily burns calories and you will be able to easily lose almost two pounds per week. These different types of fun activities will not cause boredom to you and also it also will keep your body toned while you lose the extra pounds.

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