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Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy is a miracle of life that every women treasures for a lifetime. There are numerous dos and don'ts in this period, which can make a great difference in creating a healthy human being. Eating right and healthy food for pregnant women is extremely beneficial for pregnant women, which will eventually reduce the risk of diseases like chronic disorders in the baby’s adult life.

Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition


This is often said to all pregnant women that they are eating for a two people and it is absolutely true. Your baby needs adequate amount of nutrition and minerals that will help him grow as a healthy baby and survive infections in later stages of its life. Healthy food for kids is absolutely essential during your pregnancy.

Change your eating habits and make a schedule of what you want to eat and when you want to do it. Iron, calcium and vitamins are building block of your baby and will help develop its brain and other vital body organs.


Folic acid is extremely beneficial for an overall growth of your baby and helping the mother stay strong at the later stages of pregnancy. It reduces the risk of neural tube defects and maintains a healthy heart beat of your baby inside your womb. A daily dose of 400 micro-grams of folic acid is recommended and can be often prescribed by your doctor.

Multivitamins not only provide adequate growth material for your baby, but it is also favorable for the health of the mother. Preeclampsia and other disorders like elevated blood pressure can be avoided by consuming moderate doses of multivitamin in early stages of pregnancy.


During the first few weeks of your pregnancy, the weight might not be noticeable as your calorie intake is not elevated. As the baby starts to develop vital organs like brain and heart inside your womb, it becomes essential to eat more and eat right. The diet should be nutritional and the need of more calorie intake is not necessarily true.

Only 300 calorie increase in a pregnant women’s diet is enough during the course of her confinement. It is more than okay to feed your urges of hot chocolate sundae, but you are not licensed to overeat. Buy the right baby products and make a plan with the consultation of your doctor and eat healthy with enough quantities of nutrients.


Though every nutrient is essential for an overall growth of your baby and you, but there are certain items that stand out from the rest.

  • Protein is very important for cell building of your baby and its deficiency can lead to restricted fetal growth. A daily dose of 70 grams of proteins should make your baby healthy and save it from heart diseases in their adulthood. 
  • Iron creates hemoglobin that carries oxygen to your baby’s developing body. 50% more iron intake is recommended for pregnant women from the beginning.
  • Calcium makes the baby’s skeleton structure strong and will reduce the risk of reduced bone mass, which often leads to osteoporosis. 
 Eat healthy, exercise and help your baby become strong and face this world with a better immune system.

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