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Kitchen Weighing Scale helps in Marathon Planning

Are You Ready for Your First Half Marathon?

Did you know that preparing for your first ever half marathon will require you to have a base stamina of at least 5 miles of run at a stretch? Your weekly base should be no less than 15-20 miles. If you fall short here, your body will find it difficult to acclimatise itself to the tough training schedule. Therefore, the best thing to do is adhere to a fitness regime, invest in a weighing machine online for keeping a check on your weight and build your stamina over a period of time, before going in for a structured marathon training program.
It is also advisable to invest in a kitchen weighing scale and plan out a diet based on specified portions for keeping in shape and providing your body with the energy it needs at the same time. Once you think you are ready to enroll for a formal marathon training program, here are some guidelines that would help.

Your Marathon Training Program: Tips to Keep in Mind

  •  Well, if it happens to be your first half marathon always seek longer duration training. While any duration above 10 weeks is considered suitable, some programs go up to about 16 weeks. Also, these plans would vary in content. They will have exercise regimes coupled with running sessions for building your stamina. Make sure the nature of workouts included in the program gel with your capabilities. For instance, a program that includes an 8 mile run each day may not be for you. You might be more comfortable spacing it out. Speak to your trainer and seek his inputs before taking a call.
  • Make sure you choose quality over quantity when opting for a half marathon training program. A program that makes you do more may not necessarily be the best. You need an intelligently designed program that challenges your capabilities without burning you out or exposing you to risks of injury. Running or working out too much can make you more injury prone. Choose a program that includes about 4 running sessions each week. Of these, two could be quality runs and the other two could be for building your stamina.
  • Cross training is just as important. On your off days you need to resort to light resistance exercises to optimise your fitness levels. This could include sweating it out on a rowing or elliptical machine. If you like it outdoors, go swimming or cycling for fun and enjoy the latent benefits. These activities will help you battle fatigue on your running days and will also help enhance stamina.
  • Group training is a good way to go. Remember, when you need to get up each morning and head to a rigorous training session, the company of your buddies can truly help. Besides, exercising in groups will make challenges simpler. One word of encouragement from your buddy can truly work wonders.
  • Take rest in between. It is very important to allow your system to unwind and relax. Keep a digital weighing machine at home and use it to check for sudden weight loss. Owing to the fact that your body would be subjected to intense demands, you also need to keep tweaking your diet every now and then. In case you are experiencing rapid weight loss, your dietician may consider increasing the carbohydrate portion sizes in your diet. Your kitchen weighing scale will again come in handy for determining the serving sizes.
Knowing more about the event you are targeting is another thing you must do. Know more about the support systems provided for helping you on D-Day. Thanks to Online Shopping, where you can buy Weighing Scale Online. 

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I am  Khalid Shaikh  Working as a Social media and SEO consultant.

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