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Five Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Whilst there are myriads of mind-boggling methods that claim to make you super healthy in no time at all, we often overlook one simple truth – pure water really is good for you and both your physical and mental health. Drinking lots of pure water regularly can do wonders that bogus health remedies could only dream of achieving – even though they still continue to market themselves as being able to do so. If you’d like to learn more about how drinking pure water as an alternative to tap water can provide you with better results, read on for the top five advantages.

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The horrible smelling stuff that they use to disinfect swimming pools is also used to disinfect the water that you get from your faucet. This is one of the main reasons why water from the faucet may often have a rather bitter taste, and sometimes has a slight smell to it that shouldn’t be there. Too much chemical disinfectant in your daily drink of water probably isn’t an idea that many people like the idea of. A good acid neutralizer filter will help to rid the water from your faucet of around 99% of the chlorine – much better.

Dirty Pipes

Although the water from your faucet may be relatively free of any dirt and nastiness when it leaves the main water treatment works, it has to travel a fair distance before it reaches your glass. Water from the faucet could be travelling miles through dirty old pipes, and that’s even before it has to go through the pipework in your home or work building, which could be many years old. Even though you can’t always see bits of dirt or rust floating in your water, it’s there – which is why filtering your water is the best option.


As if it wasn’t scary enough to think about all the chemicals and dirt that can get into your faucet water, an even scarier thought is all the microorganisms. The idea of actual living little creatures that can actually grow and breed lurking around your drinking water is probably enough to put most people off drinking faucet water ever again. Thankfully, there are ways to remove these bacteria from your water before you drink it by ways of ultraviolet filtration, which should be done once any chlorine in the water has been removed. This doesn’t only apply to water from the faucet – if you haven’t got any chlorine in your drink then it’s not a good idea to store it for long periods of time, as it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Don’t store open bottles of water or jugs of filtered water, as if you leave them for long enough they will end up swimming with germs.

Essential Minerals

Although there are many things in faucet water that you want taking out, you don’t need everything to be taken out as after all, natural pure water is healthy! The reason why pure water is so healthy is because it is packed full of essential minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium that your body needs. Although some people are following the trend for ‘reverse osmosis’, this process takes absolutely everything out of the water including the essential minerals, making it a pointless practice if you’re trying to be healthier. This is why it’s essential that you carefully choose the way in which you purify your faucet water in order to ensure that the essential minerals are left in – do it right, and it’s like having mineral water on tap.

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Taste and Smell

Anyone who’s ever tried to lead a healthier lifestyle has probably wondered despairingly to themselves at some point why some of the healthiest things in the world have to have such an awful smell and taste. Foods such as quinoa definitely don’t provoke a sensation of taste, and nobody can say a topping of flaxseed has ever made their mouths water. Although it should be easy to down water by the gallon in a quest to be healthier, the truth is that substandard water just doesn’t taste all that good – and good water really should be tasty. Pure water tastes much better, therefore if it doesn’t offend your taste buds, you’ll be happier to drink more of it.

These are just a few of the main advantages of opting for pure water over water straight from the faucet!

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  1. Exactly. Water is beneficial but only then when it is pure and harmless elements free. I liked your told all 5 health benefits drinking water . A nice and helpful blog