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Know all about Obesity Surgery before you opt for the operation

Weight loss is a huge problem today but before one takes the plunge into obesity surgery and goes ahead for the operation, it is important that a person understands about the background of this surgery. Obesity is known to be a medical condition wherein the fat of the body increases to such a degree that it causes hazardous health concerns and diminishes the life expectancy of an individual. Obesity enhances the vulnerability of human system to diseases like osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus type-2, asthma, cardiovascular ailments and also few kinds of cancer.

A lot of obese people rely on obesity surgery which is a highly complex procedure that is offered a few reliable teams of qualified surgeons with high end, state - of - art operational devices. Through this surgery the process of digestion is altered or interrupted and hence, the food is not absorbed and broken down in its usual way. In this kind of surgery the bowel length is reduced as a result, an individual feels quite full earlier. Also the ability to absorb the nutrients from the food gets limited. In a simple term it means, the stomach fat gets decreased to limit consumption and diminish appetite.

There are various kinds of obesity surgery Sydney options available. You can undergo a consultation and then after discussing with your specialist, opt for the option which you feel is safe and best for you. If surgery scares you, you can buy Orlistat UK 120mg Capsules Online, one of the only approved pills proven to aid weight loss.

Let us know more different weight loss programs and about the different kinds of obesity surgeries:

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

For whom is it best suited?

  • All patients who wish to undergo a less invasive method to gastric bypass
  • Suitable for ages between 18-65 years
  • Helps in relieving from medical condition such as sleep apnoea, hypertension and diabetes
  • Revisional surgery for patients with failed gastric band
  • Patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome who are morbidly obese
  • Also suitable for patients who come with morbid obesity and who have BMI greater than 30
  • Weight loss for IVF

It’s Advantages:

  • It is a cost effective measure than other methods
  • Bears lesser chances for complications
  • Effective great loss result
  • Effective for long term weight loss result
  • Portions control
  • No more of dieting required
  • Will be helpful in alleviating symptoms of several kinds of ailments such as diabetes

Gastric Band Surgery

For whom is it best suited?

  • It is anytime less invasive
  • It provides approximately 40% of weight loss
  • Those who are ready to opt for future reversal

It’s Advantages:

  • It is a very safe procedure
  • Operation takes place via a keyhole
  • One can shed up to half to two-thirds of excess weight
  • No part of the stomach gets stapled or removed
  • Vitamins and nutrients get absorbed in the very same way like the previous method

Gastric Bypass Surgery

It’s Advantages:

  • Tends to shed more weight than gastric band and gastric sleeve method
  • Huge development in diabetes as compared to gastric band or gastric sleeve technique
  • Quite appropriate for revisional weight loss surgery
  • Severe reflux treatment
  • It helps to generate gut hormones which is useful in promoting long term weight loss

Gastric Band Removal

Even though as noticed, most of the gastric banding procedures have been effective and quite successful, still the intrinsic danger of band failure lingers around. This is why the band needs to get removed. This basically can happen due to:

  • Regular vomiting
  • Intolerance to food
  • Heartburn and reflux
  • Band erosion
  • Regaining of weight
  • Failure in the device like tubing or leaking of the port

Gastric Band and its safe removal:

Removal is basically performed with the assistance of keyhole surgical procedure. It does not take much time and only takes an overnight stay at the hospital. The injection and tubing port stays beneath the skin and so he band gets removed all together. Gradually the stomach starts to perform its normal function.

Revisional Surgery

Even though for most of the weight loss surgeries the results last for a long term, yet in some exceptional cases, the requirement for revisional surgery arises. This can include:

  • Heartburn, vomiting and reflux
  • Not being able to eat normally
  • Intolerance to food
  • Leaking or device failure
  • Malnutrition
  • Weight regain or inadequate loss in weight

The appropriateness for revisional surgery depends highly on the condition of an individual. Revisional bariatric surgery requires a high degree of high degree of technological practice, dexterity and understanding in metabolic operation and every bariatric surgeon has not been trained to undergo this kind of operation.

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