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How to Care For Ageing Loved Ones

They have nurtured and cared for you all your life. They have comforted you when you were sad and down, praised you when you accomplished something, and have been a part of all those special moments in your life. Whether they are your parents, grandparents, or a favourite aunt or uncle, your senior relatives have been a big and important part of your life.
Aged Care, Disability Support & In Home Care Services in Australia

However, now, they have become too frail to look after themselves. Unfortunately due to your busy schedule it almost impossible to provide them with the full time aged care that they need, personally. Nonetheless, these people are your cherished flesh and blood and you cannot simply leave them with unknown or unqualified entities. This is a shared problem faced by many people and will probably become all too common in the future – between the years of 2011 and 2026, the percentage of people above the age of retirement is expected to rise by almost 72 percent. You can put your mind to ease, though, as when it comes to aged care services Sydney offers many options.

Senior Communities

These communities cater to senior individuals who are quite independent. They should also have minimal health concerns. Here, the elderly will be provided with an apartment – sizes of the apartments vary and are priced accordingly. There are often healthy meal options provided so that your loved one will not have to cook for themselves. Your relatives can choose how many meals they would like delivered and consequently, this will affect the cost plan. There is a great deal of entertainment provided in these communities and your family members will be frequently going on excursions and partaking in similar events.
Aged Care, Disability Support & In Home Care Services in Australia

This is a great choice for your relative as such a community will provide them with lots of company, of people of similar age and experience. They are likely to never be lonely and will have all their needs taken care of. You should also be able to visit them frequently, and at your discretion.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are for individuals who cannot care for themselves, but at the same time do not require constant attention. They will be assisted in all areas that they require and will be reminded and helped with medical procedures. Your family members will have their own room or apartment, and usually partake in meals in a general dining hall, depending on their physical ability.
While they are afforded a certain amount of freedom in the form of outings and other types of entertainment, there are nurses and trained staff who will be present at all times to ensure that your loved one is cared for.

Home Care

Here, your relative is allowed to remain in their own home – either alone or with you. With this type of care, a skilled nurse or other suitable practitioner will stay with your loved one and help them with any activities they may require. The amount of time spent with your family member will be determined by the care that they need. The general type of assistance provided by these professionals are bathing, cooking and eating, and medical attention. Different aid can be arranged as needed.

There are many affordable and reliable options for you to take care of the ones you love when they can no longer take care of themselves. Now you can rest easy knowing that you will be able to provide them with just as much support as they gave you.

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