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Tips for becoming a Health Coach

A health coach is an authoritative figure in the health and wellness sector where they help individuals with their health and well-being issues. This is done through educating their clients to achieve their goals by making changes to their diet, lifestyle and overall behavior.

You can also be known as a health coach by following these essential tips:

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You don’t need to have a dietician’s qualifications :  Health coaches give advice on many aspects in life such as diet, overall lifestyle, work and life balance and even relationship advice. However it is not essential to have a degree or two in a dietary science in order to become a certified health coach. Instead you can give advice on the topics you are sure of and refer your clients to a practicing dietician that you are familiar with. If you do want to have your own business and not share it anyone, you can do courses in dietary or nutrition sciences in order to become a certified dietician.

You have to go with the flow : It’s important to realise that you will meet clients from all walks of life. You might have the habit of waking up at five every morning and having an eating plan that starts with a green smoothie and the ideal work-life balance but don’t expect all your clients to. Some may only get 2-3 hours of sleep and others might have only fast food for lunch, instead of healthy food. You should expect your client to make changes slowly and one thing at a time. It can be unrealistic to expect them to make big changes in a day or two.

TRULY HEAL™ Certified Health Coach Program

Being a friendly soul can help :  Health coaching unlike other medical professions requires you to do a bit of hard work. As in, you will have to meet people and sell yourself and your services. Try to attend health related expos, food fairs, gym openings and other related events. This job requires a lot of motivation and leg work in order to be successful.

Health coaching equals part counselling :  Being a health coach means you have to be an all rounder. It’s more than just giving advice on healthy eating lifestyle or exercising regularly but you should also expect clients to have problems other than these such as issues with their marriage or an extremely stressful job.

It’s important to really listen to the patient and give them sound advice and help them whenever you can.  Sometime it can get beyond your expertise and you will need to refer the clients to experts in the topic.

You won’t make a difference in everyone’s lives : This is important to keep in mind. You might have the urge to help others change their life and become more positive but it goes both ways- the client has to want that as well. Unfortunately some clients only consult a health coach out of compulsion by their family or friends and don’t really want to change. This is not your fault. You can help them see things the best you can however the final decision is with them.…

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