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In women suffering from PCOS, the androgen levels produced are way higher than estrogen resulting in the improper functioning of ovaries leading to delay in release of eggs. This results in irregular or complete absence of menstrual cycle.  This type of condition leads to infertility making it difficult for a woman to conceive and bear a child.
Myo-inositol For PCOS Symptoms, Treatment Success & Side Effects. Best dosages of Insotiol powder supplements for women with PCOS.

The main causes of PCOS are
  1. Hormonal imbalance - With an increase in hormone androgen and decreased estrogen, it leads to the illness poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.
  2. Excess quantity of insulin in body - Women suffering from high sugar levels in their blood are not able to easily utilize all the insulin produced by their body.  Their body makes excess insulin which in turn causes increase in the hormone androgen. This increase in androgen interferes with the functioning of ovary and timely release of eggs thereby causing ovarian disorders.
  3. Genetics - It is believed that PCOS is passed down in family members through their genes.
Women may ovulate much more often if the myo-inositol levels areas are kept in control. myo- inositol improves insulin resistance and seems to be excellent treatment for PCOS thereby reducing infertility and increasing fertility of a woman. It has no side effects and can be safely consumed by the patient.

Inositol is a form of sugar which basically is not synthesized by our body and acts different compared to glucose.

It has been found that high levels of insulin in blood are responsible for causing poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. When insulin level rises in blood , then more and more insulin is produced by body which is fails to utilize effectively. Sensing that maybe the body needs more insulin, more and more of it is produced into the bloodstream which is again not utilized resulting in high levels of insulin in body, various health issues like diabetes and poly-cystic ovarian disorder etc.  When the insulin level is so high in our body then it leads to an increase in production of testosterone hormone or the male hormone thereby causing a decrease in female hormone and results in inefficient functioning of ovary leading to lack of eggs ovulated or low quality eggs. The amount of myo inositol present in the ovary is an indicator of quality of eggs released. Low levels of inositol result in poor quality of eggs while a good supply of myo inositol produce high quality eggs which increase chances of fertility.

Due to the large health benefits of myo inositol it is now available in form of capsules which can be taken four times a day one capsule at a time. The leading brand of supplement for myo inositol is called Myo inositol supplement for women which is a natural product free from any allergies and also balances hormones and reduces level of insulin in blood.  The daily dosage amounts to 2 gms of myo inositol in powdered supplement form..It is safe to consume by all women except pregnant and lactating mother as it's expected to cause birth disorders in the child.

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