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How to Use Tea Bags for Good Health?

Tea is the most consumed beverage reckoned greatly for its health benefits and advantages. Green tea, oolong tea, black tea, or white tea, all are ingrained with unlimited properties. It is packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that deliver many solutions to probable health hazards. Often people brew it once and dispose it off after usage. But, the vitamins and minerals still remain in its content though tea is once brewed. Throwing them away is like wasting the rich nutrients intact in it. You can extract more health benefits from these brewed tea bags using different techniques.

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 Here are some intelligent ideas to use once brewed tea bags to get a next set of health benefits:

Treat Sun Burn:

Sun burn is the biggest problem faced in places where sunrays are boosted with UVA and UVB. It is a painful skin disease but is curable through various means including the used tea bags. Put wet tea bags, which are already used in brewing, on the part which is affected by harsh sunrays. This will provide utmost relief in skin burning as tea has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Also, it may be effective on other burn injuries. Put it in bath water daily to make it medicated.

Relieve Eyes And Dark Circles:

Long hours of working, especially looking at computer screen can make your eyes tired and drowsy. To fresh them up, used tea bags are a very useful component. Place bags plunged in warm water on your eyelids and leave it for 20 minutes. It is also useful in reducing puffiness of eyes. It has tannins that can be helpful in reducing under eye dark circles.

Reduce Your Grey Hair:

Chemical hair colors are expensive as well as hazardous to your hair. Used tea bags can enhance the health of your hair. It can bring shine as well as your lost texture and color. A pack of one cup water using tea leaves, sage, and rosemary can deliver desired results. You can sprinkle this water on your hair after the regular wash using shampoo. Don’t rinse. Instead wrap the towel on hair and leave it for some time. You need to repeat this method for several times for best result.

Treat Bleeding Gums:

Tea leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in bleeding gums. Tooth pain, swollen gums, or bleeding gums are common problems. May be due to wrong brushing habit or other cause, this situation is quite terrible for anyone. Apply used tea bags directly on problem area to get cooling effect, reduce swelling, and get rid of severe pain.

Relieve Injection Pain:

Injections hurt a lot to all of us despite our age. Mostly infants have to go through the phase where they have to bear several injections during vaccination. The injected area becomes little reddish, painful, and bumpy. Tea has tannic acid and direct application of wet tea bags on affected area can certainly remove soreness as well as provide relief in pain.

Remove Bad Breath:

If you are facing problem of bad breath, then surely this tip is for you. It is a superb idea to use brewed tea bags as a mouthwash. Often used tea bags have inferior leaves which are appropriate to make homemade mouthwash. Re-brew these weak tea bags (preferable twice used tea bags) in water for little time. Now, pour it in glass bottle and use daily after brushing.

Treat Infections:

In some cases, it is seen that brewed tea bags are effective in clearing the infectious skin as well. Problems like fever blisters, canker sores, pink eye, etc. can be irritating and painful. Applying moist tea bags offer excellent relief in such cases. It can reduce infection and heal the affected area.

Use for Healthy Bath:

Tea is filled with anti-oxidant properties. Though it loses maximum anti-oxidants in the first brew, yet many other nutrients are sustained in it to bestow more health benefits. Use these pre-brewed tea bags in your bath water to get your skin oxidized. Tea has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-infection, and anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in cleaning all impurities from your skin. It thoroughly cleans the dirt accumulated in pores and improves the skin texture.

So, next time when you brew your tea, start storing these tea bags for such amazing health benefits. Use any of these healthy tips to get unmatched results for your body and skin.

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  1. So if you're a tea drinker who's also concerned about the environment, there are numerous benefits of tea bags. Thanks for sharing this insights. It is indeed helpful to the readers.