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Tips to Feel Comfortable Before Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Being nervous before entering into cosmetic surgery is part and parcel of having your first treatment and rightly so. Whenever anesthetic or needles are the majority of people are bound to get anxious or nervous about what is going to happen. That being said, there are certain things you can do as the patient in order to lower your apprehension and bring your worrying levels back down to a moderate level.

Battling The Nerves

As mentioned, it’s completely normal to have those butterflies before a big day due to the fact that despite the confidence of your doctor, there are so many unknowns and let’s face it, you’ve probably read some horrific stories! Aside from the obvious excitement side of things in getting that look you’ve always wanted, you’re more than likely going to having a million questions to go along with that such as what is it going to look like or will it hurt?

The nervousness felt by patients is completely natural, and despite thousands of success stories and reassurance, the anxiety will never fully go away. In reality it is supposed to be that way but ultimately you want to be going in relaxed and comfortable about what you’re about to do and the results you’re about to receive. Therefore, we’ve put together some tips to help you feel more comfortable before your plastic surgery procedure.

 Ask Questions

The reason you have to have so many consultations with your plastic surgeon is to get as many questions as you have answered for peace of mind. Cosmetic surgeons should always answer any queries you have and if you don’t have time during you meeting, don’t hold back from dropping them an email with any concerns you may have. A general rule for keeping your nerves downs is that the more questions you ask, the better it is - It also allows your surgeon to help you through the process. 

FAQ’s Include:

How long will the surgery last?

Will there be any side effects or common complications?

What will it look like in the end?

How will my body behave after the procedure?

How long will I need to recover for?

What can’t I do after my surgery?

These are just some of the many questions people always ask. Even if you feel like you’ve asked enough or you’re shy to, the point is to get all of your concerns answered as this will help you feel more secure in your knowledge before going under the knife.

Request To Watch the Surgeon at Work

With so many cosmetic surgery negligence stories out there, despite all of your research and reviews that you’ve filtered through, you’ll still be curious in ensuring that your surgeon is the right person for the job. One clever way to find out if they’re as good as they should be is to actually watch the surgeon at work. With advancements in technology, you are now able to watch your plastic surgeon online if they’ve made their work visible on social platforms or their website. Not for the squeamish, the videos are graphic but they do put to bed the niggling thought of if they’re as professional as they claim.  As long as surgeon has obviously taken steps to protect the privacy of their patients, this is a fantastic way of becoming more educated and informed about the procedure you’re about to embark upon.

3.   Plan Your Recovery Well

If you have done extensive research, like you should of, and followed our tips so far, you should now be sat with a good idea of what to expect when it comes to your recovery. Whether you’re getting a facelift or breast augmentation you need to know the in’s and outs of how long you’ll be inactive, and what you should avoid during that time. A smooth recovery can make all the difference in the long run. Here it is best to use your common sense and rely on those around you. If you know you’ll be out of action for a few days, make sure you have help during that time and that you’ve planned ahead for that time. Having your recovery time planned out will help you relax and focus on getting better.

4.   Your Surgeon Knows Best

At the end of the day, every part of your procedure needs to be agreed between your plastic surgeon and yourself before you get anything done. You’re bound to be worried if during your research, all your read about is the rise in breast implant claims for example so as long as you know what you’re getting yourself in for and your doctor has answered all of your concerns, you should feel a lot more comfortable.

After all, your plastic surgery transformation is going to be a life changing one so you should feel confident in every aspect of your treatment before you get the amazing new look you’ve always wanted!

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