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Easy to make low-carb hummus recipe

Anyone who is on a weight losing spree is always in search of a good recipe that would provide the right dose of carbs and minerals to the body. While there are many such recipes available on the internet and in various recipe books, not many recipes tell you about how to make low-carb hummus, the high-fiber food which is so tasty that you wouldn’t mind licking the bowl as well.

What is hummus?

Amount of Carbs in Hummus

Hummus is basically a spread or food dip which has its origin in the land of the pyramids, Egypt. It is prepared by mashing cooked beans and chickpeas that get blended with sesame paste aka tahini, lemon, olive oil, garlic, and salt. Although chickpeas are high in carbohydrate content, as the other ingredients of hummus contain very less carb, overall hummus becomes a low carb food. As per nutritionists, 1/3rd cup of hummus contains total 16g of carbohydrate and 144 calories. 

Hummus can be prepared at home as well as found in commercial packages in supermarkets. While most people like to use freshly made hummus in the different recipes, it is a fact that commercially prepared hummus has 12g of carbs and 135 calories in equivalent quantity.

How long can you store hummus for?

Amount of Carbs in Hummus

However, it is also important to learn that how long is hummus good for consumption after it has been prepared or bought from the market. If kept in the fridge, homemade hummus would last for about 3-5 days, whereas packaged hummus would last for 3-10 days if the pack is not opened. If the pack of the packaged hummus is opened, it will last for a maximum of 4-6 days if kept in the fridge. If kept in freezer both homemade and unopened packaged hummus would last for good 6-8 months.

Now that you know what is hummus made of and what its health benefits are, continue to read on to find the easiest and most delicious low-carb hummus recipe.

The recipe to make hummus

Amount of Carbs in Hummus

Making hummus is not a very complex or time-consuming task. To make a serving of 6 to 8 you would need the following ingredients. 

About 800 Gms of chickpeas. The canned ones are good for this as you can use the liquid in the recipe as well.

4 tsp of sesame paste, which is also termed as tahini

6 tsp of olive oil

2 cloves of garlic that are crushed

3 tsp of lemon juice. Avoid using the concentrates. Squeeze them fresh.

1 tsp of salt

You can add certain optional things like some paprika and 1 tsp of finely chopped parsley or coriander leaves.

So you are ready with the ingredients? Great! To make the mouth smacking and super tasty low-carb hummus, you have to first rinse the chickpeas thoroughly in regular water and put in the food processor. As the chickpeas start getting ground, you can add the rest of the ingredients barring the olive oil.

Once all the ingredients are being added, let the food processor run slowly, and that is when you need to pour the oil slowly so that it blends well with the whole batter. This is where you can also use the liquid from the cans of the chickpeas. Just add about 6-7 spoons of the liquid as that will help in restricting the density of the food from getting too thick.

The final touch

Amount of Carbs in Hummus

As you find the contents of the food processor turning out to a smooth and combined mixture of all the ingredients, the low-carb hummus is ready. Now you need to pour it into a serving dish and sprinkle a few drops of olive oil on it. To garnish the hummus, you can use some whole chickpeas and decorate the sumptuous dip. You can further sprinkle the dip with a little amount of paprika along with the finely chopped parsley or coriander leaves. Adding the chopped leaves not only adds a bit of flavor to the food, but also adds some color to it, thereby making it a feast for the eyes as well. 

You know that how long is hummus good for consumption, so you should not waste much time and simply jump on the tasty dip and start having it without any further delay. However, you just need to remember that if you are already on a diet program that restricts you from eating chickpeas or beans, you may have to wait for a few days before you can enjoy the heavenly taste of the low-carb hummus.

Written by

Kanisha is the founder and writer of FortunateKitchen, a blog about everything food related from the basics of food preparation to learning how to make exquisite dishes. Kanisha is a self-taught chef with a curiosity and passion for food blogging. She is on a mission to educate and teach her readers one recipe and kitchen technique at a time, all while she balances her own hectic life as a mom    

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