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7 surprising dumbbell workouts that will help you burn fat faster

Can’t find time to attend a gym? Well, not everyone can make it to a public fitness center. There are those who can’t even find time for an evening jog. But that doesn’t prevent you from exercising at all. No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to engage in some physical activity.

How to lose weight at home with dumbbells

This post will focus on several ways on how to lose weight and get fitter at home with dumbbells. But before I get into that, let’s understand the secret of using dumbbells.

Why dumbbells?

  • Space-friendly – Unlike other fitness equipment such as treadmills, dumbbells doesn’t require a large workout space.
  • Affordable – Unless you find one with additional accessories such as stands, dumbbells are much cheaper.
  • A variety of workouts – With dumbbells, you can perform a variety of exercises by just changing positions.
  • Safe – Most dumbbells are smaller in size and has a locking mechanism that prevents the plates from moving out of place and injuring you, meaning, you can perform your workouts without a spotter around.

How to lose weight with dumbbells

  • I. Buy the right equipment – Not all fitness equipment you see on the market are equal. So do some research. Ensure that the adjustable dumbbell you buy has safety features, small in size, durable and most importantly, affordable.
  • II. Eat healthy – Even when you are working out too hard, you won’t lose weight if you are eating junk food. Eat more lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs, and fats.
  • III. Warning – After workouts, wait three hours before eating. This will prevent you from gaining weight.
  • IV. Drink more water – Water will help level up the rate at which your body burns calories.
  • V. Choose the right exercises – Not all dumbbell exercises will help you lose weight faster. Others will just increase your weight. So, stick to the ones mentioned below.

Dumbbells exercise that will help you lose weight at home

How to lose weight at home with dumbbells

  • 1. One hand shoulder press – Stand straight and widen your feet at least 10cm apart. Take one dumbbell in your right arm. For better support, grab your waist with your left arm. Raise the weight until your right arm achieves a 90-degree angle and your shoulder and elbow in the same line. Raise the dumbbell slowly above your head and then back to starting position. Repeat the steps targeting ten reps of three sets for each arm.
  • 2. Deltoid Raise – Take two dumbbells on both arms. Bend until your upper body is parallel to the floor and your knees slightly bent. Straighten your back. Lift weights on both sides upwards and in a lateral movement. Lower them back slowly and repeat. Aim for ten reps of three sets.
  • 3. Lying triceps extension – Take two weights on both sides and lie on a bench. Your back should be flat on a bench with your feet flat on the floor. Lower the dumbbells to both sides without moving your shoulders. While squeezing your triceps raise the weights above bring the weights in front of you and then repeat.
  • 4. Chest Press – Lie on a bench. With your back flat on the bench, take weights on both hands. Your palms should face out. Raise the weights up bringing them together in front of you. Lower one arm until your elbows achieves 90 degrees. Raise it back then lowers the other one. Do this several times aiming for two reps of 20 sets.
  • 5. Dumbbell squat – Take dumbbells on both hands. Stand straight, widen your feet about 10 cm. Point your toes forward. With your back straightened, squat until your knees reach 90 degrees and then up and repeat. Aim for 20 reps of 3 sets.
  • 6. Swing lunge – Take weights on both hands. Stand straight with your feet widened 5cm apart. Take one step behind you using your right leg leaving the left leg forward then lunge until your knees are close to the floor. Take another step behind using your left leg then lunge. That should be one rep. Aim for ten reps of three sets.
  • 7. Two-arm swings – Take weights on both hands, stand and widen your feet. With both hands, hold the weights in your front with your arms down and fully extended. Push your hips back, swing the weights between your knees then back to the chest level. Aim for 2o reps of 3 sets.

The final word

The exercises mentioned in this article are easier and will work for you if you focus on the tips above. But as you can see, some of them might not be safer with loose plates. So, check your dumbbells before you start your workouts.

Written by

Hi there! Sarah G. Ramirez is my name, and welcome to CyanFitness. Here in CyanFitness, I share with you, my expertise on keeping fit and staying healthy. My tips, advice, and programs are not meant to replace medical advice but assist and guide you to live a long and healthy lifestyle    

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