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5 Ways to Make Repeat Prescriptions Easier

If you need to take regular medication, ordering and picking up prescriptions can be a pain. For people who are going to be taking certain tablets for a prolonged period of time or even for the rest of their life, it’s important to be able to replenish their medication quickly and easily when needed, usually every month or couple of months depending on the amount of supply that they are given. We’ve listed some of the best ways to make getting medical prescriptions an easier, more convenient experience:

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Ask Your Pharmacist:

Pharmacists today have a huge range of solutions to help them dispense pills correctly and efficiently to patients, for example electronic pill counting devices and even pharmacy automation robotsft in order to make the whole process run more smoothly. So, there’s no reason why your pharmacist shouldn’t be able to pass some of these solutions on to you. Whether they can provide you with a pill counter or notify you when you need to fill a repeat prescription, most good pharmacies offer a range of features and solutions to make prescriptions a hassle-free experience.

Electronic Prescriptions:

Today, there’s absolutely no need to pay a visit to your doctor or even to the pharmacist when it comes to filling a repeat prescription. Although you will likely need to make a visit in person when you are picking up the first one, many pharmacists will offer a digital service for repeat orders, allowing you to quickly order any repeat pills that you need from home with just the click of a mouse.

Prescription Delivery:

Although it may cost you a little bit more, having your prescription delivered to your home is a great way to make things a lot easier. With electronic ordering, this option allows you to get your medication without even having to set foot out of the door, allowing chronically unwell patients to have more time to rest and recuperate at home, rather than requiring that they go out to get their medication.

Ask a Friend:

Most of the time, it’s fine for a family member or a trusted friend to pick up prescriptions for you, however, be aware that you will likely need to let the pharmacist know, especially if you are taking strong medication that should not end up in the wrong hands. So long as the person that you ask can show ID and answer some security questions pertaining to yourself such as where you live, there should be no problem with their picking up your prescription if it has been pre-agreed between yourself and your pharmacist.

Choose Pharmacy Location Wisely:

When picking up a prescription that has just been given to you by your doctor, it’s usually convenient to pick it up from the closest pharmacy to your doctor’s office on the way home. However, when you are on long-term medication and require repeat prescriptions, it’s important to choose your pharmacy location wisely. Picking one that’s the closest to your home will cut down your travel time and reduce stress.

When you’re taking long-term medication, repeat prescriptions can be inconvenient. But, with these great solutions to managing your repeat prescription, there’s no need to worry.

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