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What Are the Benefits of Learning First Aid?

No matter how old you are or what your line of work is, everybody can benefit from learning first aid. Trained first aiders are often essential in emergency situations, helping to keep things under control and administer basic medical treatment until the emergency services arrive. Once you’re qualified as a first aider you may find yourself dealing with minor injuries such as broFken bones and cuts more often, however, you’ll also learn some serious life-saving skills that you never know when you might need to use. We’ve listed some of the main benefits of learning first aid and CPR:

Be Prepared:

Since life is so unpredictable, it’s never possible to know exactly when a tragedy is going to occur. Whether it’s a child who falls and breaks a bone, an elderly person who has a stroke, somebody cuts themselves deeply or a person having a heart attack, learning first aid with an official Australian first aid certificate is one of the best ways to ensure that you are prepared for any potential medical situations, even your own!

Promote Good Health:

When you take a first aid training course, you will not only learn essential skills for looking after patients who are sick or injured until the paramedics arrive, you’ll also be able to pick up plenty of tips for better health. When you undertake first aid training, you’ll pick up a lot of knowledge that you’ll be able to apply to the everyday health of yourself and your family.

Better Job Prospects:

Today, it’s becoming increasingly more important for employers to ensure that there are enough first aiders present in the workplace. Workplace accidents can be unpleasant for all involved, so having a first aider who can be on the scene within seconds is necessary to ensure that these situations are kept under control and cause as little disruption as possible. By earning a first aid qualification, you could become more employable!

Get Work Experience

Whether you’re currently at school or are looking for a job, getting work experience is one of the best ways to improve your resume and impress potential employers. Learning first aid means that you’ll be able to find both voluntary and paid work as a first aider, for example at events such as festivals and concerts. If you’re hoping to train as a healthcare professional, a first aid qualification can help you get accepted onto your chosen study program.

Improve Your Peace of Mind:

Lastly, learning first aid gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that you can cope in an emergency situation. When you know exactly what to do when somebody suffers a medical emergency such as a cardiac arrest, stroke or even a serious injury, it can be an excellent boost for your self-confidence and can even help to calm stress and anxiety. 

Learning first aid isn’t just beneficial for the people that you’ll be able to help because of it – there are many further personal benefits for you, too.

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