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How To Enjoy Quality Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnant Women, Sleeping Women, Pregnancy

During pregnancy the body requires adequate rest and quality night's sleep. Many expectant mothers experience sleepless nights due to some disturbances such as hormonal changes, anxiety, stress as well as lack of proper sleeping posture especially in the advanced stages of pregnancy.

However, following the correct guidelines enables one to enjoy quality sleep and get adequate rest which is very critical during pregnancy. This article elaborates more on four pregnancy sleep tips.

1. Schedule Time Exercise

Body workouts are crucial for proper circulation of blood and oxygen through out the body. During pregnancy therefore, it is paramount to schedule time for exercise as a way enhancing better sleep. The best time for these body workouts should be in the morning, some time at mid day and early in the evening. Proper exercise helps in body relaxation and reduces foot cramping at night which is a common problem during pregnancy.

Exercising late in the evening is not appropriate as it is likely to cause sleepless nights as the body releases adrenaline that can keep one awake for long hours. In addition, every expectant mother must consult their doctors or the caregiver on the most suitable form exercise as some of them may be unsafe for the mother as well as the growing baby.

2. Beware of Eating And Drinking

Other causes of sleeplessness during pregnancy include heartburn, nausea as well as need to visit the bathroom frequently. With this in mind therefore, one must be mindful of what she takes before going to bed. Taking heavy meals, spicy and acidic foods before going to bed is likely to cause heartburn at night and therefore these types of foods should be avoided.

Having too much to drink before bedtime increases the need to go to the bathroom keeping one awake for some time. Expectant mothers should therefore avoid too much fluid in the evening or before going to bed so as not to wake up often at night. Moreover, drinks that contain high levels of caffeine such as coffee also cause lack of sleep and should not be taken in the evening.

Having a snack on the bedside table helps reduce nausea giving one time to get back to sleep quickly as opposed to coming out of bed to get one from the kitchen.

3. Adopt The Correct Sleeping Posture

Proper posture is key in relieving body aches as well as enhance proper breathing. Expectant mothers should sleep on the left side to allow proper circulation of blood and nutrients to the fetus, uterus as well as the kidney. Sleeping on the side also makes breathing easy as it reduces pressure on the uterus. One must avoid lying flat on the back as it causes backache and end up disrupting sleep.

To enhance comfort, it is paramount to acquire a pregnancy body pillow that will support one's body while sleeping. One can have more than one body pillow as need be and also depending on the sleeping posture. Having a pillow under the knees and another under the belly adds support and significantly reduces any discomforts during sleep.

4. Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety

Other causes of lack of sleep during pregnancy are stress and anxiety that may result from work, relationships or hormonal changes. Every pregnant mother must get rid of any situations that cause or worsens anxiety. This can be achieved through taking to the family members or friends about any issue that is keeping her awake at night.

One can also have a pen and a book on the bedside table so as to note down any issue that may cause the mind to wonder and disrupt sleep. Writing down an issue is considered as the first step towards finding a solution and therefore reduces stress.


Better sleep brings about rest that is vital during pregnancy. Following the correct pregnancy sleeping tips enable an expectant mom to enjoy sleep and go through pregnancy in good health. This is made possible by being watchful about what and when to eat, proper exercise as well as staying free from stress and anxiety. In addition, lying down in the most suitable posture and with the help of pregnancy body pillow plays a prominent role in enhancing quality sleep and at the same time eliminate any forms of discomforts.

About The Author

Crystal is the founder of MakeYourBabyLaugh. She wrote the blog to help mothers having problems with pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting. She hopes her experiences will help them easily overcome this challenging but meaningful period.

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