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5 Essential Tips For New Runners

Running may be the easiest if not the most accessible form of exercise that can be performed by both beginners and the seasoned ones. A...
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The Importance of Meal Timing

Every person trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain has heard about controlling calories. While reducing the number of calories y...
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Hoodia Diet Pills and Weight Loss

At this point you have heard or seen promotions about Hoodia Gordonii Plus and think about whether it is more compelling than the various i...
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Diet Pill Marketers Ordered to Pay Multi-Million Dollar Fines for Fraudulent Claims

The advertisements and infomercials are all around. On TV, the internet, your radio, magazines and daily papers! False fat loss and diet pi...
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Keep Moving, Stay Healthy!

It's now official: your desk is slowly killing you. Medical reports state that you should get up and walk around or at least do some st...
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