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5 Essential Tips For New Runners

Exercise, Fitness

Running may be the easiest if not the most accessible form of exercise that can be performed by both beginners and the seasoned ones. And while some say that there’s not that much that you can add to make running more fun and pronounced, that really isn’t the case. There is more to running than just strapping your shoes and wearing your most comfortable shirt. In essence, you need to be keen in what you’ll wear and choose as add-ons. These choices should ultimately determine whether your success in running will be optimal or not.

The following tips are provided to help you ensure success in running:

1.  Getting the Right Fit of Shoes

Before you head to your local store for your pair of running shoes, make certain first which type of shoes will fit your needs. You can do this by conducting a thorough research online, or you can just visit the store first. You need to be acquainted and undergo a gait analysis so you would know your foot strike pattern. This information should determine whether you overpronate, underpronate, or possessing a neutral gait. Ultimately, this will provide you just about the best shoe for running.

2. The Technical Fabric

Seasoned runners know that for you to attain the maximum results of this endeavor, you must have the technical material that should be present from your running shorts, tops, right down to your socks. Go for fabric that is fiber-made such as the natural ones which include bamboo and Smartwool and the synthetic which comprises of polyester, nylon, and Lycra materials.

On the other hand, don’t go for the ones which feature 100% cotton. Cotton retains sweat which directly results in chafing, irritation, and in worse cases, blisters. Meanwhile, the technical fabrics enable moisture to rise to the surface in which it evaporates to.

3. The Importance of Warming Up

Warm up your muscles right before you go for a run. You can either do this with a set of dynamic stretches or simply use a 5-minute walk. Warming up will mitigate the chance of your muscles getting that tight when running. It also increases your muscles’ temperature, resulting in a more relaxed activity.

Probably the most significant benefit of warming up before running is that it preps you up to become more persistent in enduring your goal despite some familiar physical hurdles such as working your muscles and overly-activated lungs.

4. Selecting The Right Gears for Running

There can be a numerous amount of gears that are now available in the market. Apart from the much-needed, snugly-fit running shoes, runners also often go to choose these add-ons. Ranging from a sports Bluetooth headset, fitness bands, energy belt, to your prized weighted vest, choosing them could be quite overwhelming if one is not equipped with the right sources.

More importantly, it is always best to determine first whether these gears should serve your needs during running. Remember that these accessories are developed for particular reasons, don’t just go for them because they’re on a trend. Just choose add-ons that you really need.

5. Get Accustomed to the New “You”

It goes to all the beginning runners out there: your body will begin undergoing some necessary changes once you start running. And if done religiously, new bodily demands are also bound to happen. As such, your body will be subjected to some of these changes and know that these are just normal. Be confident and be assured that your body will eventually acclimate to these demands. And before you know it, your body is already stronger than you have anticipated before.

No need to rush yourself though. Rushing will just make your body experience bad sores. And while they are normal, they can be avoided if you choose to take things slow and ease comfortably into this new undertaking.

Final Thoughts

These tips are just about the most essential ones that you need when you’re new or about to take this new goal into something fruitful. Running is both simple and enjoying, but it could go into one of those perfunctory tasks if it is not conducted properly.

Moreover, choosing the right gears when running is just about as necessary as it is vital. They make this endeavor all the more optimal and worthwhile. It gets you more acquainted with the activity and ensure that you only get the best out of this simple exercise. And by the end of the day, you realize that running is not only the most accessible but is also the more fulfilling one.

Author Bio:

Emily is founder of, a blog where she and her associates talk about exercise, fitness, and yoga. Their aim is to help people like you to achieve perfect body. BodyShape101 is concentrated on exercise & fitness tips, and making the most out of it. She is also a mother of one and she tries to find balance between her passion and her biggest joy in life.

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