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Why Your Boss Should Promote Mental health

Mental health is one of those things that, for whatever reason, employers just overlook even though it’s a telltale sign of a bad business.

Promoting mental health is usually productive for businesses in the long-term. For example, research indicates that the FTSE 100 companies that give precedence to the well-being of their employees outperform the others by 10%.

It is super important to make sure your boss understands the reasons why he or she should promote mental health. One principal cause of mental disorders is a feeling of extreme stress, even though stress is very subjective in that what causes stress in people may differ from person to person.

A study carried out in Australia showed that job stress and other workplace-associated psychosocial threats are principal contributors to the burden of occupational illness. Many of these conditions are mental health-related, not just physical. What few employers don’t know is that employees can go on disability from mental conditions as well.

There are various beneficial reasons why your boss should promote mental health. Some of these include the reduction in the cost of work-associated mental disorders to employers, improvement in employee performance, and the creation of an overall better workplace.

Here are some of the specifics:

Cost of Work Associated Mental Disorders

A report from the U.S. Center for Prevention and Health Services showed that there is a loss of approximately 217 million days yearly because of a decrease in efficiency linked to mental disorders and use of substances.
Employers lose billions of dollars annually as a result of employees with untreated mental disorders. Some even go bankrupt under the weight of opportunity lost from disengaged or absent employees.

In the same vein, various studies reveal that in the UK, common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress are responsible for the loss of 60 million working days annually. The cost to your boss through loss of efficiency due to mental disorders is greater than a lot of people realize.

If your boss adopts mental health-focused practices at your workplace, there would be reduction in absenteeism. A lot of this just comes down to giving your employees the tools they need to succeed. Employees get stressed when they’re overwhelmed. Improving efficiency through automation is a step in the right direction.

If workers can cut down on the administrivia involved in a lot of their work, they might find it more engaging. A lot of AP departments, for example, are moving toward e-invoicing instead of traditional methods because it saves them time on the back-end. IT pros are moving to using data recovery and backup software because it frees them up to focus on more creative duties.

This is common in a lot of industries, and should be implemented wherever possible. Workers are more satisfied when they’re freed up to actually do their jobs.

Performance and Productivity as Related to Mental Health Promotion

Productivity is the hallmark of every flourishing business. An enabled and conducive working environment would support and enhance performance. If your boss engages in the promotion of mental health, there would be improved communication among the employees and overall boosted morale.

The cost of recruitment due to job dissatisfaction will be reduced, and employees would empowered to deal with any problematic challenges that may come with their way more productively.

Sad, discontented or disoriented employees have higher probability of taking time off. They’re not as productive. They’re not invested in the company.

Promotion of mental health is a critical beneficial asset that must not be neglected. In a nutshell, workplace performance and productivity are boosted by mental health promotion in the workplace.
Mental Health Promotion Improves Business Reputation
Undoubtedly, reputation, as well as goodwill, is vital for continuity of any business.

If your boss focuses on mental health and the happiness of workers, prospective employees will hear about it. It would also help increase the likelihood of winning public contracts. It would portray the company as an organization that values corporate social responsibility.

Mental health promotion would also enhance the company’s reputation among the customers and the general public at large. For your boss to improve mental health promotion, a platform should be created to engage employees in activities geared towards emphasizing the significance of mental health in the workplace, like team building exercises and employee perks.

Mental Health is Vital to Physical Health

Interestingly, it is the mind, not your body that does most of the job in your workplace. A sound mental health promotes creativity, inventiveness and innovation. It also promotes your physical health.

Different studies have shown that neglecting mental health can result in variety of physical diseases. Most of these physical ailments result from direct or indirect mental distress having negative impacts of the normal physiological functions of the body. Examples include hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Stress, anxiety and associated mental problems may exacerbate these conditions leading to employee health deterioration, disability or early death.

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