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How To Prepare Yourself For A Long Car Trip

You and your friends are planning to have an out of town vacation next week. You’re looking forward to visiting a newly opened resort which highlights different beaches, an infinity pool, and a five-star accommodation. You and your friends have already packed everything that’s possibly needed for the vacation – clothes, food and of course, the budget. But since you’re the only person who can drive and has a car from the bunch, your preparation is quite different from theirs. You have to prepare yourself for a long trip because if not, your life and your friends’ life can be put in great danger.

When you’re behind the wheel, one small move can cost the lives of everyone riding with you. Since you’ll be driving your friends for an 8-hour long trip, you have to take precautions to avoid accidents on the road and to ensure everyone's safety. To help you achieve those goals, here are some tips to prepare yourself for a long car trip:

Get enough sleep : You should think about your exhaustion before your car trip and not after. Regardless of how busy you are days before the trip, you should strive to sleep for at least seven hours of sleep for two nights straight. This will allow your body to build energy reserves, which can be useful during the trip. Also, try to avoid driving between 1 PM and 3 PM since your body’s temperature is drastically lower during this time, and people would feel naturally drowsy. Talk to your friends about your preferred schedule and make sure that they understand the risks involved once you drive during certain time frames.

Fuel up : This time, this fuel is for you and not for your car. Since you’ll be driving for hours, it's best that you carry along a variety of vitamin-packed and healthy foods which you can munch along the way. This will not only keep you stay energized throughout the entire trip, but will also motivate you to skip fast-food meals to opt for healthier choices. Make sure that you head to your favorite grocery to purchase your favorite snacks for the trip!

Stay hydrated : You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that water is needed for your body, and the same is still true even when you’re driving inside an air-conditioned vehicle. You should have an adequate water supply during the entire trip for maximum energy. You can bring your large water container if you think there are no stores along the way or opt to use smaller tumblers if refilling stations are available. However, as you are drinking water often, expect that you’ll be making more bathroom trips.

Plan your stops : If you’re behind the wheel for too long, you can feel sleepy and doze off – and this isn’t something which should happen when you’re driving. This is basically the reason why you should be able to plan your stops ahead of time. You and your friends can use these stops to get out of the car, stretch and take bathroom breaks (and take pictures if the stop is picturesque). This will prevent your legs from being numb and be active once again.

Chew gum : The repetitive process of chewing gum can increase circulation and your alertness – this helps when you’re driving, especially when your passengers are already sleeping. But keep in mind that you don’t need the sugary variety of gums to get the desired effects.

Use good scents : There should be a good source of peppermint spray inside the vehicle as this will reduce fatigue and increase your alertness. If you feel like you need a boost while you’re on the road, simply take a sniff or spray on your wrist. Not only will it keep you alert, but it will also make your vehicle smell really good during the car trip.

Sit up straight : Since you’re the driver, you have the liberty of adjusting your car seat to make it more comfortable for you. This is something which you should make use of and never take for granted. Your seat should be adjusted for your body to maximize blood flow. When you feel like a driving “trance” is about to happen, sit up immediately. When you feel soreness in your right right hip as you’re driving for hours, lean to the other side. Find a sitting position you’re comfortable with so your driving will not be compromised in any way.

Treat yourself to sounds : Books on tape can make your brain active without any dangerous distractions. Aside from humorous books on tape, you can also listen to comedy CDs on the road. Laughing can keep you awake.

Key Takeaway Points

You might have been driving for years and might memorize all the roads that you’re going to pass through, but these are not enough. Sure, you might know where to go and which shortcuts to take but when you’re not prepared for the trip, chances are, you can’t respond immediately to whatever is in front of you. This could become the reason why your car trip will end disastrously. The information presented in this article can help you in preventing being involved in accidents that while making sure that everyone enjoys the car trip! If you’re involved in a vehicle accident, knowing your legal rights is essential. To understand the legal processes of filing a personal injury lawsuit, you can click here.

Timothy Garret

Timothy is a budding law writer who enjoys all aspects of the legal industry. He's currently studying to become a lawyer and is applying his law knowledge into what he writes. He spends time with his friends and swimming in his spare time.

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